Lovely Late 19th C. Relief Carved Portrait of Young Woman with Drop Earrings

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Photos do this no justice, though details give a better sense.

A real beauty of a relief carved portrait I'd say, quite sensitively done, and with a great deal of care and labor invested in her profuse pile of what I believe would be described as fringed and crimped bangs. The warm dry wood patina here contributes to giving a blush to her cheeks and neck just behind her ear,  making her feel all the more full of life--and I just love how her earlobe is tugged by the weight of her drop earring. Her lips are just slightly open too, making her feel  open and as if about to whisper some wisdom across time. Late 19th c, c. 1890, and very lovely.

9 1/4" t  x 7 13/16" w x 2” d and in very good condition. There is what looks to be a repaired hairline split toward the far right side, well done and stable and I don't think detracting.