Lovely Girl and Her Lovely Doll, Antique Tintype Under Glass in Blue Velvet Frame

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I've always got an eye out for old photos of girls and their dolls--in part because I love seeing the far-ranging dolls themselves, and the ways they are held or otherwise situated, but even more so because I think the intensity of bonds between children and objects, and between girls (primarily, and certainly in large part because acceptably) and their dolls, is a rich and complex and interesting subject, and also poignant for those of us who as adults feel strong bonds with inanimate things. All that. And I love the ringlets and curls on these two!  And the sense that this girl sees herself very much as the protectress of her doll, but I think vice versa too, hands crossed in front holding them tightly together. Plus a blue velvet covered hanging frame that is just right.

 Framed as found, under glass: 4 9/16" x 3 3/8". Sight: 3 1/16" x 2 1/8". With hanging loop at top. A bit of dust under the glass, which with some effort could be removed (the cardboard back of the frame is nailed closed) but minor and I wouldn't touch it myself. Crisp and clear image in very good condition as is the frame, original I believe.

**Some glare caught in photos, including a shadow across the bottom in the first image--not a flaw.