Charming Folk Art Dollhouse Chaise Lounge, “Christmas 1917”

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I love the form of a chaise lounge, and think this tabletop/dollhouse scale one, found in Maine, is just lovely thing--both as lovingly carved and constructed folk art object and as a sort of iconic symbol of lounging, which perhaps we should all be reminded to do a bit more of! Constructed of two hand-carved pieces joined by small nails plus four individually carved legs. I think the hard wood may be black walnut. And on the underside, hand-written in graphite: "Christmas 1917," making one imagine it was made as a gift by a father or grandfather for a a child's dollhouse, which judging by this must have been quite a beautiful one.

7" l x 3" t x 2" d and in very good antique condition. I could have dusted it a bit before photographing but neglected to!