(Hold for Sara) Lovely Black Ink Drawing of Woman with Flower Signed JK, c. 1929

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All that I really know about this drawing is that came from a portfolio of drawings dated 1929, and I am pretty certain the JK (or KJ) who signed it was also the author of two other ink and watercolor drawings I've just listed with a very similar line. I think it is very charming, and especially love the formal echo from the side buns of her hair to the loops of her bow to the leaves and petals of the flower she holds. The confidence and grace of this drawing and the two others make me think that perhaps JK was a professional illustrator--or at least on their way to being one!--but I have not been able to trace the initials.

Black ink on wove paper mounted to a heavier weight brown backing sheet. Overall dimensions: 9 15/16" x 6 3/4". Drawing paper size: 8 7/16" x 4 3/4". Tearing to the backing sheet as obvious but drawing itself in very good, bright and crisp, condition.