Lovely Antique Wooden Blocks, Assorted Including Many Geometic Solids

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I'm forever looking for antique sets of geometric solids made by Prangs or Milton Bradley, etc. --but they're increasingly hard to find, and tend to be crazily expensive when one does. This set (of which there are some more--some squares and rectangle, a couple of columns and a few other odd pieces-- not included in photos, but which I'll send along) is a convergence of at least two if not more sets of blocks, as clear from the color of the wood, with at least a good number of them definitely from a 19th c. geometric solids set.  I could spend all day arranging and playing around with them, and the cylinders and rectangles, etc. make great pedestals for other things too. Plus what is more beautiful than those cones and pyramids and half-spheres just on their own?

All pictured including and all in great shape, no real damage at all.  As examples: cone: 3 7/8" t. Cylinder: 4" t. No box.