Lovely Antique Escutcheon, Perfectly Framed

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So often I find wonderful things framed in the worst sort of ways, but here, to my eye, is an example of a beautiful little thing very much honored by its housing.  The antique escutcheon is really a special one—of the sort that makes me think about magical keys opening secret rooms—with a quiver of arrows at left, torch at right, and arch of flowering garlands above.  It is secured, via two perfectly placed brass pins, against crimson red fabric that is stretched tight and secured on the back of the frame, thus showing not even the slightest bit of ripple or wrinkle. The wooden frame is a painted gold and dark red. Certainly a perfect gift for one’s love, or oneself!

Framed: 5 3/4” x 7”. Excellent condition. (Impossible to shoot straight on without a lot of glare.)