Lovely Antique Bone Handled Brush

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A little too large to be a toothbrush (!), I actually think this lovely bone brush might have been made--more than a hundred years ago I believe--for cleaning typewriters, as I found one, and only one, with the same form and black bristles marked as such on its handle. This one is marked "Extra Fine Pure Bristles Sterilized" but with nothing else, so I am not entirely sure, and it is also conceivable that it is a hat brush, made for brushing the rim of a hat.  In any event, really a pretty thing, with a hole in the handle for hanging. A great addition to a beautiful brush collection, but also, with the natural bristles still full and firmly attached, it could certainly be put to use in all sorts of ways!

7" long x 11/16" wide x 7/8" tall including bristles. Very good condition. Late 19th/very early 20th century I believe.