Lovely Antique Bone and Ebony Double Six Dominoes with Brass Spinners, Complete Set

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You know I love dominoes of all sorts--classic, perfectly designed game, great objects, infinite varieties--and this is a really beautiful, finely made set of "bones". Bone, indeed, and ebony, these date to the very 1900's or earlier, and have a really nice thickness and terrific weight (these are heavy!), making them a real joy to play with. They also make the most satisfying click clack when they knock up against each other. Plus brass spinners at their centers which work wonderfully to set them spinning, and smaller brass pins on either side. Altogether a super set.

They come in what I believe is their original wooden slide top box, though the top was lost at some point, so a velvet covered top was added as a replacement to protect them Personally though, since they are so nice to look at, I'd keep the box out sans cover so I'd see them all the time!

Box measures 7" l x 2 3/8" w x 2" t. Each domino measures 1 11/16" x 7/8" x 3/8". A couple of dominoes show minor damage, as documented.