Lovely Tall, Antique Arts and Crafts Tabletop Picture Easel

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Beautiful, and super useful, and mended at some point years ago, which tells me someone really cared about it, I'll bet because it got lots of use displaying favorite paintings. I believe it is likely Arts and Crafts period, and I believe made of oak. Really lovely.

15 5/8" t x 8 11/16" w x 8" deep standing. The ledge where a painting/framed whatever would be placed measures 7 13/16" across, and it is 8 3/8" between that ledge and the bottom of the crossbar above. The center leg broke at some point and was mended with a thinner piece of wood that works perfectly and is not visible from the front when stood up. There is also a mend to the center of the right strut, not visible when a picture is placed on it, and barely noticeable from the front otherwise. There is a bit of fraying to the string connecting the front to the rear leg but it is plenty strong.