Lovely, and Useful, Antique Writing Box / Writing Slope

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I first picked up this box (on a recent real-world antiquing exhibition) just for its lovely exterior, but was happy to open it to discover it's a writing box, with a nice red velvet-covered writing slope inside, which lifts to reveal compartments beneath it on either side, and a little drawer with recesses at bottom, too. I'd never actually sat down and used one of these before, but in fact is it both super useful and quite a pleasure, and in absence of a good surface to write on is really the perfect thing. Good for stashing bills and other things (to be attended to later) inside, and then periodically making a big event of pulling it out to get everything squared away!

12" l  x 8 3/8" d x 4 5/8" t. Late 19th century I believe, with a silver cartouche at the center of the lid that was not engraved (but could yet be!) General wear to the wood and a bit of light staining to the fabric, but still terrific looking and in very good structural condition, quite sturdy and very sound. The lock is disabled.