Lovely and Unusual Set of Antique Wooden Ribbon Spools with Hand Printed Paper Labels

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These I know came of the estate of a historic general store in Maine, and I just think they are the loveliest things, dating I'd guess to the late 19th century. They are/were wooden spools for ribbon of various lengths and widths--that ribbon long gone now but for one spool still wound in white satin ribbon. What makes them so lovely and special feeling through are the hand-cut, hand-printed paper labels adhered to each side, bearing lion and eagle and cat and crown and rose and red star and various logos, and with all sorts of handwritten notations on them in ink too. I've found some old French ribbon spools with paper labels a bit reminiscent of these, but none with this sort of imagery or anywhere near as charming. Wonderful things to put to use again as spools for holding a collection of special ribbons now, or to arrange like blocks just for display.

Most about 2 5/16” diameter, and ranging from 5/8 to 2 3/8” t. Set of 19, exactly as shown here, each with a paper label on each side. All in very good antique condition, with scattered toning and general wear. Old wooden crate they were stored in included.