Lovely 19th Century Lignum Vitae Travelling Ink Bottle

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The more I look at antique postcards and beautifully hand-written letters, the more I wish we'd at least occasionally forgo texting and emailing and return to using pen and ink! And this lovely antique lignum vitae ink bottle only strengthens the case!

Lignum vitae is a gorgeous and rather miraculous very hard wood, often used for fine objects like this. It comes from trees of the genus Guaiacum, indigenous to the Caribbean and the northern coast of South America, which became an important export crop to Europe beginning in the 16th century--very desirable for its extraordinary combination of strength, toughness and density. And indeed, this ink bottle looks nearly as good today as it must have the day it was made. 

2 1/8" t x 1 5/16" d.  Very good condition. Clearly used, with staining to the glass and interior of the lid, and a little staining to wood, which I have not touched. The threaded lid turns tightly closed and opens easily.