Lovely 19th C. Brass Pocket Sun Dial (Perfect Pendant)

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Take your watch off, put your phone away, and take out your beautiful pocket sun dial instead. I LOVE this and am rather reluctant to part with it, especially as it seems to be the perfect thing to string on a chain and wear around one's neck, everyday from now until forever, working perfectly to tell the (approximate) time, provided the sun is out! The blade at center turns to lay flat as desired, but flips up to stand at 90 degrees in order to be used, with the shadow cast on the dial revealing the time. 2nd half 19th c. I believe, in very nice antique condition, and just a very lovely, special feeling object that reminds me at least of the beauty of analog problem solving.

2 7/16" x 1 13/16" x 1" t with blade raised. Very good condition.