Louis Marx Red and Blue Tractor with Make Do Wheel

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When I first started doing this, I worried a good amount about the condition of things, but over time I've come to gravitate toward decidedly imperfect things, and especially those with overt repairs that show the care and creativity of their prior owners--of which this is a great example. The tin key wind tractor itself was made by Louis Marx Co, c. 1940s or early 50s, and is pretty smart looking in red and blue I think, but it is the "make do" front left wheel that I especially love, made from a  pretty perfectly sized spool of fishing line, and held on tight with a little carved wooden bolt. Very smart!

The key on this does still turn with some force, and it does seem to build up some tension, but I'm afraid to crank it too much, and would consider this tractor an object for display rather than a working toy. 8 1/4" l x 3 5/8" t x 3 3/8" w.