Lot of 28 of the Tiniest Bone Dice I’ve Ever Seen

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I have to think these were made for a dollhouse, or perhaps very very stealthy games of Craps! The are carved of bone, all a bit irregular, as are the dots--I'm really not sure how one managed to get those on there at all!  Some show deep black, others paler, which may just be from wear; it's a bit hard to tell, but it does seem the dots were slightly incised before inking. I've never seen others this small.  Late 19th c. or so would be my guess being that that are handmade of bone and for a dollhouse I presume.

Each approx 1/16” cubed. 28 in total, sold as a lot. One photo shows them with a nickel for scale. All in good presumed antique condition and really quite amazing!