Lot of Jessie Graham Smith's Ornament Studies (More in Photos)

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I found these this past summer at a flea market close to me and just pulled them out again--and was struck anew by the lovely and painstakingly executed passages of ornament on them.  I'm listing as a lot, and will throw in a couple more not shown here, too.  A mix of graphite, ink, watercolor and gold paint, with some truly gorgeous areas of detail that one might do all sorts of things with. I haven't been able to definitely place the Jessie Graham Smith who did these, but certainly they were done for an art/design course and I would guess they date to the 1920s or so.

All pictured are included. Paper size approx 14" x 10 1/8". As evident the are stains and toning and uneven edges here and there, certainly they could be trimmed.