Lot of 5 Antique Cyanotypes of Water-towers (with Climbers!)

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Found the same day as the model train water-tower I just listed, these 5 old cyanotypes of a recurring pair of water-towers, with a couple of people standing in the doorway of the structure below, and a pair of men climbing the tower in one of the photos. Most curious to me is the flying object at upper left in that particular photo, looking a bit like a doll with parachute, perhaps just tossed into the air by the man at the top of the ladder? Equally curious is the text hand-written on the back of another: "Of Mr MacVaugh I sing this song / His soul is weary for the day's been long / I'm sure you'll think the question fair / Now tell me what he's doing there." ???!

Cyanotypes, printed on thin paper, measure 4 1/2 to 4 /8" x 2 3/4" each. They were somewhat irregular cut but are in good condition, with tiny folds to a couple of corners and a little toning to the upper left corner of the horizontal one at bottom in the first image.