Lonely Buck, Dreamy Feeling Old Naive Framed Watercolor

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(A tough one to photograph through the original glass in the frame; much better in person.)

This one called to me, just as this buck seems to be calling to his deer friends in the distance, on the edge of the forest--and really, it feels a bit existential, as if his head is raised in advance of emitting a primal scream! The greens and browns are very soft, and the paper is a pale tan--a woven paper that almost seems like linen. Really quite lovely and tender.

Plenty of glare in photos. 11 x 6 3/8" framed, as found, in a nice old black stained wooden frame that suits it well and where it has clearly loved for a long time. Very early 20th c. I believe.Good condition, with a little staining to the watercolor at bottom right corner, I don't believe detracting.