Long Life and Success to the Farmer, c. 1830s Excellent Condition Handpainted Transferware Mug

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Hard to imagine packing more onto the surface of a mug that is the case with this one! And, as the growing season comes into swing, a great one for raising a mug-full to one's favorite farmer! C. 1830s, British, I want to guess Sunderland but am not completely sure, transfer with hand-painting, and this one in mint condition.  I really love the tools floating everywhere, and animals along the bottom (including little pig hidden in the green) and then the verse on the flip side, heralding the self-sufficiency of the farmer and wishing him, or her, long life and success. A maximalist embodiment of the beauties of transferware, and almost like a hidden object puzzle, giving one plenty to pick out and identify during morning coffee should one wish to put it to use!

 4” t x 4 1/16” d ; 5 3/8” handle. Excellent condition.