Long Carved Folk Art Wood Spoon with Monograms and Face, 1910

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Satisfying form, substantial weight and nice long handle to this old hand-carved spoon, but it is the details that make it: two monograms on the bowl of the spoon, the number 10 on the back of it, plus "America", a strange little alien-esque face, the date 5/22/10 [1910 I'm pretty certain], various passages of cross-hatching, and one more monogram on the handle. I've been paying attention to old carved spoons lately, as they're really about as central to everyday life/use as anything else and so tend to have a wonderful intimacy about them, amplified by many years of use. And this one is quite a singular thing.

14" l x 2 9/16" wide at bowl. Very good. condition, with a little minor loss along one edge of the bowl, smooth now.