Little Wooden Man with Six Fluttering Arms

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Brilliant--and seeming poised to become the star of his own cartoon (or, better, stop motion animation) detailing the adventures of the little six-armed man! A different, funny graphite-drawn face on either side, along with a line across the thigh, which makes me think perhaps he's meant to be a boxer in a unitard. The arms are tin, attached to the body with tiny flat head screws. They are not quite tight enough / the weight of the tin arms perhaps a bit too heavy for them to stay locked in place when raised, but they move and spin around freely, and perhaps the screws could be further tightened. I've seen a little wooden man with tin arms or two before, but never six!

3 9/16 x 3/4 d x 13/16 w and in overall good condition, with chip to the toe on one side, which does not prevent him from standing steady on his own.