Little Henry and His Bird, 1853, Child's Book with Hand-colored Engravings by J.D. Felter

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Little Henry and His Bird, published in 1851, tells the story of young Henry's rescue of a beautiful songbird (from the jaws of his cat), his nursing it back to health, and then  his sadness at its flying away to join its flock until he learns to be happy for its freedom (and learns a bit about Benjamin Franklin and his discovery of electricity via kite flying along the way.) The cover is pretty torn up, as one might expect, though its hand-stitched cloth-covered binding is holding tight, and the inside pages with charming hand-colored engravings are in fair shape. It's quite a rare thing from what I can tell, with the only copies I can find held in library rare book collections.

7 3/8" x 4 5/8". 7 printed pages, all with blank backs, plus cover and title page. All pages pictured. Plenty of staining, flagging to upper right pages corners, and wear around the edges as pictured, but paper is not especially fragile/brittle.