Little Hand-sewn Mouse

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Another sweet little creature I just could not leave behind! I believe this mouse is quite old, maybe 1920s or so, as was very carefully crafted, with hand-stitched velvet face, felt ears, linen top, wool pants, and what I'd guess are composition shoes, complete with brown felt pads on the bottom. Button eyes and nose, a yellow belt, and long string leather tail, too! I'd guess the wonderfully gesturing arms were once covered in gray velvet or maybe faux fur, but now show flesh colored with some gray on the the little hands. 

Other than the missing covering on the arms, he's in pretty good shape. The head rotates a bit if one tries, which I assume it always did. 4 3/8" tall x 2 7/8" across at arms; 1 1/2" d (at head.) He needs to lean against something to stand up.