Little Boy Smoking Pipe, Small Antique Oil on Canvas Painting

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This old painting just made me laugh when I saw it--not just for the pipe this little boy (I assume) is smoking, but also for the slouchy red sock, which by my take turns the painting into something of a portrait of a young degenerate in the making (i.e. once one stops taking care with their appearance, all hell breaks loose!) I think his outfit altogether is pretty great, right up to baby blue cap. And the pipe itself is quite a pipe--I'm not an expert, but the long, snaking form looks like that of a porcelain pipe or similar--which rather amazingly he seems to suspend in air entirely by his little mouth! What a handful!

Late 19 or very early 20th century I believe. Oil on canvas tightly stretched and nailed to wooden frame. 7 1/2" x 5 1/16" x 1/2". Excellent antique condition, with no paint loss at all or other damage.