Lino Print Block with Farm Scene Signed Eileen Ryan

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There are a couple of different artists named Eileen Ryan out there, and while I'm not sure,  my guess is that this carved lino print block was made by Eileen Ryan Ewan, who is a children's book author and illustrator--and a print made from this block would certainly make for a terrific illustration in a children's book about farm life! Such a cheerful image with great details (I especially love the weave of the straw hats, the row of cabbages in the foreground, and the apples hanging neatly on the trees in distance)-- and all the better as an object than just a print. 

9" x 7" x 5/8". Easy to nail a hanger to the back and hang it on the wall. Very good condition, with one small rough spot along the right lower edge, minor--really crisp and graphic and bright.