Life of Jim Stubbs, 8 Sequential Narrative Drawings, Missouri to Virginia, early 1900s

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I am not sure if it was Jim Stubbs himself, or perhaps his wife, who made these drawings, documenting his journey from St. Joseph, Missouri to Rio, Virginia to work as a telegrapher, through to his opening to the J.A. Stubbs general store (with some time hunting with his son Lee in between!) Regardless, I think they are pretty special! The drawings are numbered on their backsides, in order, with just a few that have gone missing since 1903. A great piece of history for sure, and also just terrific drawings, densely packed with time- and place-specific details. 

Ink over pencil. Most are 3 1/2" x 5 3/8"  with the largest 4"x5".  Very good condition, with a few stains here and there as there should be!