Lidded Handmade Wooden Box with Inlaid Mother of Pearl Heart

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I found this wonderful box at an estate sale in MA in a modest house packed to the gills with a long lifetime's accumulation. In the basement was the husband's woodshop, loaded with old tools and equipment, and I would guess (or at least I like to imagine!) this box was made down there as a present to his wife. It certainly smacks of love and care, and I especially love the inlaid mother of pearl not quite symmetrical heart. The lid features a very dark stain with a nice border detail, and the sides are joined by tiny brass nails. Super sweet!

8 1/2" long x 5 1/8" wide x 4 1/2" tall. Good vintage condition, with one small rough area on the top and a small mark at the center of the top which almost looks like it was once a small monogram.