Liberty Truth Justice Equality, Antique Framed Cut Paper Eagle with Arrows

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Loosely attached to the back side of this when I found it was Geo. L. Wilson's Grand Aerie Fraternal Order of Eagles Military Certificate, dated 1918, locating him in Meadville, PA, and noting that he would be carried on the rolls of the FOE while in military service "during the present war." The FOE's slogan was/is "liberty, truth, justice, and equality," which appears over the head of the eagle in the paper cut, along with F.O.E on his belly, so I'd think it was gifted/awarded to Wilson from the organization at the same time as the certificate. As a fan of eagles and cut paper works of all sorts, I think its's a great thing, and especially love the bent knees of the eagle's legs just above the crossed arrows!

7 1/16" x 7 1/16", sandwiched between glass front and cardboard back with black taped edges (original). Very good condition, with certificate included.