LF's Wonderful Carved Toy Gun in Old Blue Paint with Iron Barrel

Regular price $90.00

This I'd say is the very best handmade toy gun I've had in the shop, and I've had a good number by now. I believe it is likely the oldest, and definitely the heaviest, too. The LF who carved his initials into the butt of the handle must have been pretty proud of it as well, and also I think likely quite possessive of it! Though photos don't quite do it justice, the surface shows old blue paint, and then a hollow iron rod was secured via looped and twisted iron wire  to give it a barrel. And the trigger, which looks rather like a hand-forged piece to me, will pull back with tension then snap back in place when released. A nice old iron nail on the side, too. Really a good one.

11 1/4" long if measured on the square; 12" from end of barrel to corner of handle; 5" tall, 15/16" thick. Great condition, antique I believe, pretty much indestructible I think.