Lena's Juicy Letters to Dear Friend Berthe, 1910-11, with Poems and Photo

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These are fun! What we learn mostly about Lena is that she is, in her own words, a very bad flirt, with her letters detailing a series of romances with different fellows, including descriptions of their deep blue or brown eyes (at turn) and dimples, as well as description of spats caused by lost letters and misunderstandings and one boyfriend spotting her with another. Also included is a request to Berthe to send a secret anonymous letter for Lena, which remains a bit of a mystery,  and much more. Lena spends lots of time pondering the nature of love, and includes a number of transcribed poems that do the same. Three separate letters included for a total of nine pages densely filled front and back plus a tiny of photo, of Lena we assume with parasol.

Excellent condition, clear and clean and not brittle in the least. Pages measure 5" x 8".