Lead Mounted Calvary Soldiers - Sold Individually

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When I am out at an antique store, say, hunting for things, I like to look at EVERYTHING, and one of the joys of doing that is discovering things I've previously paid no attention to. Like these old lead soldiers! I really know nothing about toy soldiers, but these just happened to catch my eye, and upon giving them a close look I realized they are quite beautiful things and rather fell in love with them! I think part of it is that they are unpainted, which brings both the details of the casting and their terrific silhouettes into sharp relief. And being lead, they are also nice and heavy, making them feel weighty in both senses of the word. The dealer I bought them from described them as representing civil war generals, which seems possible, but I really don't know. Definitely they have some age to them, but are in very good shape. The shiniest bits are at the centers of their bases; the men and horses themselves are kind of a matte dark silver--really nice. 

Sold individually. They each measure 2 5/8" tall x 2 1/2" long x 3/8" thick. The fronts and backs on each are different, but I think the two are roughly the same. If you have a preference please indicate it on your order.