Late 19th C. Him and Her Honeymoon Kodak Photos, Murray Hill Hotel, NYC

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I think these are just fantastic. Written on the back of one is "Mrs. Lowrie Childs on wedding trip to NY Murry [sic] Hill Hotel," and so we can assume the other is of Mr. Childs, each of the two photographed separately sitting in their honeymoon room, him on the edge of the bed, she in the chair next to it. With the round format of the No. 1 Kodak prints framing each as if viewed through a scope or a peephole, these hold a tension between formality and intimacy, public and private, and present and future that just knock me out. 

Fyi, the Murray Hill Hotel was located at  112 Park Ave in Manhattan, built in 1884, with 600 rooms and two courtyards, and demolished in 1947. Printed on the back of these is AM Knowlson, Troy NY, which sold photo supplies, and the one with handwritten details on the back dates it June 13, Ninety One.

Each measures 5 3/16" x 4 1/2". Very good condition, with a bit of minor warping to the cards.