Late 19th C. Very Densely Doodled Ledger End Page (No. 5, Double-sided)

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 A couple more today from the same late 19th c. ledger as a few other pages I listed a few weeks ago--which had come loose from the bulk of it (which I also have, every page filled with hand-written stories interrupted throughout with little sketches akin to these; I want to spend a little time reading it before parting with it, but if interested, let me know!) These doodled end pages are the best though--pure visual stream of consciousness delights, and revealing more and more the more one looks. I am forever opening books and notebooks in hopes of finding end pages just like this. 

13 1/4" x 8 1/16". Fuller on one side than the other, but both sides great in their own ways. A slightly rough edge from the old binding and general smudging.