Late 1800s Prang's Drawing Models "Tablets" Set

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No geometric solids in this late 19th c. Prang's "Drawing Models" box, but nearly all of the flat "tablets" or flat cardboard shape templates are present, plus original ruler, scissors and a few colored sticks, too. I think these are interesting to play around with and use in all sorts of ways--as stencils but also as means of building patterns and compositions and just thinking visually. (Spreading them out and moving them around makes me at least feel very creative!) They are made of a hard, smooth, very durable cardboard, and feel very Froebel-ian.

Box measures 9 1/2" x 6 5/8".  All included pictured, including scissors, ruler, and a few sticks. Box is a mess but contents in very good condition, with cardboard templates strong and very durable. One bend across center of one small square, otherwise great.