SOLD Early, Rare Schoenhut Flat Roofed House with Glass Windows, Side Opening Wall

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(Forgive my not very good photos on this one too!)

I can't find a reference to this early flat roofed Schoenhut house out there anywhere, though I have found a few other early Schoenhut bungalow style doll houses with pitched roofs that have the same faux stone and brick siding, turned wooden columns,  and general style, and believe it dates to 1925 or so. My photos are not great, but I think it's really a cool one, including for how the entire right side of it opens like a door to reveal a pretty fabulously lithographed interior, which makes one feel now as if peeking into a house abandoned long ago. The windows are glass, the structure wood, and the sides painted fiberboard.  I love how the flat roof makes it such that it could be treated almost like a box, with other things stacked below or on top of it. Not in perfect shape--the front door has lost its hinge, but it easily propped in the frame and one would never know--but with lots of character, and I must say it rather makes me want to stage some doll scale dramas inside to photograph or video. 

 16 1/2” x 13” x 9 3/4” t. As noted, front door is missing hinges and just needs to be propped in frame--or left open! Wear to the floor on the interior of the house and some staining and wear to the edges of the fiberboard roof. There is a small hiarline crack in one front window but it is stable. As a whole structurally very sturdy and sound, not fragile. Schoenhut label on the left side of the house below the front porch.