Large Old Painted Wooden Cutout Dutch Boy with Scarf

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I haven't totally figured out why the image of a Dutch boy in this basic pose was so popular in the earlyish 20th century, but I've had several postcards in the shop featuring the same basic figure, and then here he was again on this cutout. What I really love about each, though, are the specific details and adaptations applied by the maker--this one, bundled up in scarf and hat and with hands buried in pockets, I have to think was made sometime in the depths of winter; I feel cold just looking at it! Enhancing this sense and I think best of all is the small, fine featured face, which feels straight from a German Expressionist woodblock print. Coupled with the bob and slouchy posture, I think it all adds up to a gender transcending figure with a lot of personality and attitude, who is large enough to hang on the wall and feel like company!

30 1/2" t x 10 1/2" w x 5/8" d. Great aged condition, with nice chippy paint and fabulous yellow gold painted back. A little warping to the wood, no notable splits or chips or cracks. Easy to add a hanger or wire the back for hanging. Earlyish 20th c I believe.