Large Inuit Carved Bird with Wonderfully Snaking Neck

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A striking vintage Inuit carving of substantial scale, the latter of which--and its presence--photos don't well capture. Its the long snake of the neck and shape of the head that really makes if for me, with a whole lot of life in those not quite smooth curves, and the bluntness of the beak, and the placement of the incised concentric circles of the eyes. Of a dark green stone with some veins in it that lend irregularity, all to the good. C. 1970s or so, I believe, with a sticker on the underside certifying its authenticity as an Inuit/Eskimo carving, along with disc number E477.

5 1/2 t x 7” l x 2 1/2 w and in very good condition, no cracks or repairs, just irregularities indigenous to the stone.