Large, Heavy, Blue-Green Glazed Presumed Kid Made Bear (?) Face Vase!

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This one made me smile when I found it, and continues to do so every time that I look at it. Hand formed, thick walled, big and heavy, red ware, I have to think it was likely made by a kid (maybe a 13 year old or so, though I don't know for sure), and would guess the face meant to be that of a bear, though I think that is debatable! The glaze is a good green with a fair amount of blue in it, and it can definitely be used as a vessel for things with very long stems...I think a Bird of Paradise or two would be just about right! With a fabulous presence and really fun.

13 7/8" t x 8 3/4" wide at ears; 7 1/2" diameter otherwise; 2 9/16" across at top. Excellent condition, no flaws, without much age on it I don't think.