Large, Heavy Antique Chip Carved Tramp Art Box with Hinged Lid

Regular price $200.00

This may not be the fanciest tramp art box ever, but it is a beautifully constructed one, and a very heavy and substantial one, about as solid as they come, and also quite an old one I believe. In addition to the chip-carved stacked layers, the base was carefully carved with cross-hatches all the way around to complete the effect, and I love the way the bottom layer on the front face was carved out to accommodate the keyhole of the lock, which seems to have been disabled since, but the key is still with the box. This is much heavier and more solid than a tramp box constructed of cigar box pine;  I am terrible at identifying woods but believe it is cherry.

 12 1/4” x 10” x 5 3/4” and in very good condition, no missing bits, light surface wear to lid, great patina.