Large Handthrown Stoneware Jar with Blue and White Glazing

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I just love how earthy and rustic this large hand-thrown stoneware jar is---great for holding a big hearty bunch of wildflowers, grasses, or flowering branches. Its shape is that of a ginger jar, and I expected it to be Asian, but turned it upside down to find the name Garland incised on the bottom. It feels pretty old and is wonderfully rough-hewn, with irregularities and some unevenness in the crusty white glaze, including a few small patches where there is no glaze at all. All this adds up to a great character and uniqueness--really a nice piece with a great presence that would look terrific most anywhere.

9 1/4" tall x 9" widest diameter; 6 3/8" across at lip, 6 1/2" across at base. Great condition; the only flaws seem to be the irregularities in the glaze that are original to the piece.