Large Handmade Marble Solitaire Board with Clay Marbles

Regular price $75.00

If you've been following, you know I am obsessed with old clay marbles, and this is one of two old handmade marble solitaire boards I've just snatched up in order to put them to good use! This one is heavy and almost 10 inches across, so would really be good for kids to play on as well as adults, and it features a handy drawer on the side to stash the marbles in when not in use (though myself, I'd never put them away!) I believe the board is quite old but was refinished at some point, with the original nails removed and a very dark brown stain added. The wood I think is pine. 

9 3/4" across x 2 1/2: deep. Very good condition and very sturdy. There is one patch of irregularity to the stain, as pictured. Marbles shown are included!