Large Hand-thrown Blue on White Stoneware Pitcher with Beautiful Staple Repair

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This is the second large blue and white glazed stoneware pitcher with big, beautiful staple repair I've found in the past few months, which makes me wonder if someone around here had specifically collected blue and white staple repaired pitchers--in my experience they're not at all common to find! Good fortune, anyway, as I love these fat gold staples against the white, and in combination with the pitcher form, and in relationship to the hand-painted blue decoration. My favorite stapled pieces are those that wear the staples prominently on the exterior rather than the underside, and even better on rustic sorts of hand-thrown pieces like this (as opposed to fine Chinese export platters and such, which one more often sees bearing repairs--though of course those are wonderful too!) Clearly a much used and valued piece, and with the staples really having done their job!

10 7/8" t x 8" in diameter. 9" across at handle, 5 5/8" across at lip. With repair as evident (and which makes it great) as well as a few small chips and a few additional hairline cracks, as documented. Bright and beautiful.