Large, Gorgeous Green Lidded Tin Box

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This one is all about the green, which photos do no real justice.  There is something about weathered paint (especially yellow and green) on old tin that really gets me, and I do believe the color on this one is about as good as it gets. I'm not sure why the two holes on either side of the lid and on the lip of the box too--but might guess they were used to bind the lid to the box, either to carry or to ship it. Useful for stashing all sorts of things -- which is how I used it yesterday, storing most of the days finds inside to carry them home!

14 1/4" w x 8 3/8" d x 9 5/8" t and in overall good condition, with dings and dents here and there and some scattered rust, as there should be. a smallish dent at center edge of lid on one side makes it appear slightly bowed from that side. Lid closes tight and flush and comes off easily with just a bit of effort.