Large English Woolen Sampler with Alphabets, Darning Patterns, and Deer

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One of the things I really love about this unusually large English schoolgirl sampler is that it includes both alphabets and numbers (including roman numbers I-V) AND darning samples (the square patterns on the lower half), which I especially love. Plus that wonderful bounding stag at center! Pretty decorative patterns along every edge, too, each different. Really super sweet, and in very good condition; I am uncertain of the age and am not a sampler expert, but would think probably early 20th century. 

The needle work is all done in wool, on linen cloth--so it is not teeny tiny stitches. The best match in terms of color are the overview photos; some of the details show it significantly paler than it is. The yarn has held its color very well (the color is bright and everything is super readable). It would be great framed but as the scale makes it almost feel like a tapestry, I might be inclined to hang it just as it is, which I think may have previously been the case, as the only real wear is some loosening to the weave of the linen in the top corners--so it might be good to reinforce those by adding a piece or strip of fabric to the back.  28" tall X 25 " wide.