Large Early Green and White Hand-painted Faience Platter with Staple Repair and Tin Strap Hanger

Regular price $150.00

I purchased this antique faience platter from the same MA-based dealer as the blue and white bowl I just listed, and they feel like sisters to me--this one decorated in a pretty green and gold, which feels very Florentine to my eye, though whether Italian or French or otherwise European. I'm not expert enough to say. Clearly another quite old one, though, and another with a satisfying staple repair running across the back, and another monogram, too. And this one found with this old tin strap hanger on the back, which plays nicely with the repair, feeling like another layer in holding it together, so I haven't touched it. (Easily removed if desired, in order to lay the platter flat and put it to use).

12 1/8 x 1 7/8. Staple repaired as evident, all to the good. Stable and sound.