Muscular Large Carved Folk Art Horse on Base

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I found this one at a show in New Hampshire this past week and think he likely originated somewhere around these parts. Clearly a folk art creation--and I really love that one glass eye sits a little higher than the other--but the carving of the body has a muscular power to it, amplified the grain of the wood, and carries through from raised ears, to nicely shaped legs and hooves, to cropped tail. And so this horse feels both humble and proud once--just right to me--and I also might guess was made as a portrait of a specific beloved one.

17" l x 14 3/8" t x 5 5/8" w and in good condition, with nice warmth to the dry wood, and some darkening perhaps product of water staining at some point, I don't think detracting. There is some roughness/surface split along one side of the base, which looks native to the wood not like a repair to me. I'd guess 1940s-50s?