Large c. 1907 Pin Cushion with Embroidered Grid of Sewing Tools

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No way could I resist this large folk art pin cushion, which combines many of my favorite things: grids, and words, and lists, and embroidery, and family names and, of course, is a pin cushion, too. It appears to have been made in 1907, with the name Clement written on the embroidered grid running around the sides just after that date, and then with more names added over time, terminating in 1942 (though perhaps 1907 was the birth year of the maker, hard to know.) Clearly it was used, but has many of years left in it, large enough to hold all the pins and needles one could ever use--while also reminding one of all the other things one should keep in the sewing basket!

5 1/2" in diameter x 2 1/2" t. Good condition, with some spotting and a few stains to the cream colored fabric, as evident. Very tightly stuffed, making it more hard than soft, which is a good thing for a pin cushion and also allows it to stand upright should one wish just to display it on a shelf front facing.