Large Antique Slate with Hand-carved, Numbered Grid

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This terrific old chalkboard is too large to have been a student's school slate; rather I think it must have been used in a general store or other business/context where an ever-changing numbered list would be useful. In addition to the wonderfully worn, very sturdy wooden frame--with jointed corners secured with wooden pins--what I find especially beautiful are the hand-written numbers, carved/incised into the state itself, as are the gridded lines, with the "50" at the end just about fading away. Lovely,  and very usable still for keeping lists of all sorts of things; the white of the numbers and lines will not wipe away.

18 5/8" t x 15 1/4" w x 11/16" thick and in very good, very study and sound condition, with all corners holding tight, no wiggle.