Large Antique Painted Ash Splint Work Basket with Notched Bentwood Handles

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This is a beautiful large painted/swabbed antique ash splint rectangular work basket, 19th century New England/Maine Native American I believe, with wonderfully irregular notched bentwood handles. While the naturally dyed color has certainly faded over time, it still shows quite nicely on the horizontal splints; with two thin bands of yellow, then two red, then two brown, then one wide yellow, and two thin red at the very bottom.  

The basket is sturdy and still quite useful for carrying things, though lovely just for display. There is one loose end on the outer rim, which has broken loose from the wrapping. (See detail photos) Otherwise, a bit of cracking to the splint here and there, a little red and green paint on the rim, and general signs of wear consistent with age. The bottom tips of the bentwood handles, which are woven into the sides of the basket, are a bit uneven in length. 

15" wide and deep; the basket measures 6 1/2" tall, 7 5/8" tall at handles.