Large Antique Carved Wooden Boot With Many Nail Buttons

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I'm never quire sure with a carved boot of this near full sized scale whether it was a folk creation or a cobbler's display piece, but whatever the case, all those tiny nails running up the length of the front, as if just waiting to be laced, really do it for me. There's a corresponding trail of nail punched holes (recesses) running along side them, and more of the same decorating the toe and sides. Nicely carved heel too.

8" l x 5 1/4" t x 2 3/8" w. Good overall condition. It appears this was long ago painted gold, now much mellowed, but in a certain light one can see a few paint drips/uneveness to the paint application. And one one side is a slightly recessed circle showing white--the surface is solid there so if it was some sort of putty repairing a hole it has long since hardened.